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5 Habits of Highly Mindful People

https://www.inc.com/melody-wilding/5-habits-of-highly-mindful-people.htmlread more at inc.com Mindfulness is more than meditation and staying in the present — and can make you more successful.
1. They don’t get hooked by their emotions.
2. They pay attention to their repetitive thoughts.
3. They get curious and ask questions.
4. They embrace imperfection (in themselves and others).
5. They practice preemptive self-care.

Most people assume mindfulness involves sitting in cross-legged meditation for hours on end. But it’s actually a collection of practices and skills that can help you cope with stress more effectively, manage your emotions better, and improve your focus and productivity. Beyond meditation, other mindfulness practices include focused breathing, self-compassion exercises, and training yourself to be mentally self-aware.

Each day we make about 35,000 decisions, from what to wear to how to steer the company’s strategic direction. Mindful people manage their attentional resources. They monitor their internal state to watch for signs of depletion. They replenish their mental and emotional reserves before burnout hits.


More of work-life balance: How can I embrace happiness? | BusinessMirror

https://businessmirror.com.ph/more-of-work-life-balance-how-can-i-embrace-happiness/More of work-life balance: How can I embrace happiness? | BusinessMirror One way that can lead to happiness is surrounding yourself with people who are happy. Laughter, as they say, is infectious. And so is an optimistic way of looking at life.

In his Inc.com article “7 Habits You’ll Notice the Happiest People Practicing [but most of us rarely do],” Marcel Schwantes said that through his research on what happy and successful people do, “it struck me how intentional they are about choosing the right mind-set to become more optimistic.”

He lists six sure signs of the happiest people. These are people it will be good for us be around with, and aim to be like:

To be in good health, we often have to learn to establish healthy eating habits, exercise and a positive attitude toward things. That way, we minimize the toxins that can harm us.


5 Self-Improvement Podcasts To Start Your Day With | Care2 Healthy Living

https://www.care2.com/greenliving/5-self-improvement-podcasts-to-start-your-day-with.html5 Self-Improvement Podcasts To Start Your Day With | Care2 Healthy Living These five self-improvement podcasts are led by some of the world’s most well-known influencers and personalities in the health and wellness space.

Creating an energizing morning routine is now an integral part of peoples’ daily habits, and one of the best ways to kickstart your day is with inspiring media. Podcasts are a fantastic way to boost your excitement and focus, especially if you listen to them while going for a morning walk or run.




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